AppFengur is a platform that enables users to search, filter and categorize information about Icelandic horses. The application features news, breeding shows, special discounts. User can enrich existing data as well as build lists and groups using electronic tag scanner.
  • Search, order, filter, categorize.
  • Analyse, follow, share.
  • Register events.
  • Electronic tags.
  • Lists/Groups.
  • Update animals
News feeds

Users can follow agregatted news for the main news feeds on the Icelandic horse.


User can search for an animals by name, birth place and number as well as microchip number.


The dashboard gives quick access to all features of Appfengur:


detailed information about the animal :

  • offsprings
  • diary
  • Bulp
  • assessments
  • pedigree

Register the animal's activities

  • handling
  • ridding
  • health
  • treatement
  • training
  • ...
Special offers

AppFengur users get special discounts coupons for selected dealers.


Users can build lists, export them as Excel or send them via email.

Adaptative UI

Our users have different needs. AppFengur can serves different purposes. The application user interface can focus on search, ordering, following breeding shows, sharing data...or can be used as a tool to scan animal electronic tags.

Exploring data

AppFengur is designed to ease the discovery and exploration of the great amount of data offered by WorldFengur database. We have created powerfull search tools. User can navigated through parents and offsprings. Searches are saved, any animal can be saved into a list, or added to the favorites.

Unite a community

AppFengur's goal can be usefull to any horse owner or breeder. You can login into AppFengur with Facebook, email or with your WorldFengur account. If user authentificate with his/her Worldfengur account, AppFengur will retreive your horses so you can start working with them.


AppFengur can use a large array of Bluetooth reader that can read electronic tags. The use of those devices together with AppFengur can drastically increase the productivity by reducing the amount of errors as well as decreasing the time needed to complete each operation.